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'whose side are you on?'

The Furrow Tree Back.jpeg

A new outdoor play for 2021

Kevin and Michael, his son, meet for the first time in a decade. 

Kevin's buzzing. They’re meeting in the spot where they celebrated Michael's birthdays when he was a child, the perfect place for getting their relationship back on track, back to the good old days. Michael’s worried. He’s reached out to his dad, but the shadow of the past is creeping in. Will it be another disappointment, another disaster?

Stumbling on a clearing in their local park during lockdown, a father and son had an idea for a play. They returned the next morning and recorded an improvised encounter on a phone. For the following three days they did the same, and within a week they had the script’s first draft. 

A year on, Vocal Point present Furrow, an outdoor play about forgiveness, reconciliation, and the mistakes made by fathers and sons, performed by an actual father and son. 

This hard-hitting new play will premiere at 4 open-air locations throughout as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2021.


You can read a little about our improv and script-devising process here.

TICKETS & more info

26th June, 4.30pm: Furzedown rec, tooting, sw17 9bp (preview)

9th july, 6pm: Fred Wells gardens, battersea, sw11 3la

10th july, 3pm: Coronation gardens, southfields, sw18 5nd

11th July, 3pm: leaders gardens, putney, sw15 1lw


'how's it feel being here again? the old spot...'

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